Friday, 22 June 2012

I can feel my love. .

I can feel the Sun,
it feels warm..
I can feel the rain,
easing all the pain..
I can feel the water loitering around my feet;
the slimy surface of the pebbles.. as smooth as your voice..

Yes,I can feel the fire within me..
The rain in the Sun, the peace that it deposits within my soul..
I can feel your hair brush my cheeks.. the smell of jasmine;
I can feel your skin crying out in passion..
I can feel the intimacy..the splendour !
I feel mystery.. .

I can feel the warmth;
The unspoken words that your lips sing to mine..
I can feel the melancholy sweetness seeping into me..
oh ! I can feel my lips burn out of pleasure..
I can feel the world once again ! The happy world around me..

I can feel you..
Yes, I can feel my love !


  1. A warm sensation..
    A light which might in future years touch the hearts of many youths..
    A guide to them and to us..even to you..
    A feeling of sorrow and joy..a pain unbearable yet appreciated..
    A poem of generations..


  2. awww.. thank you ! I will try my best :-)