Saturday, 23 June 2012

What took you so Long ?

Was I out of my mind?
How could I be so blind !
It seems an entire new world now..
I don't know these all happened how;
But why now ?
What took you so long ?

The rain has washed down the dusty cover,
Thankful to God, for I could discover..
The magical world full of love for me,
kept buried inside your heart,that not even I could see..
I am thankful to you too,
  for loving me the way you do.

But I also remember the dark days,
the dreadful storms and the hails.
The days when I was scared of my own shadow,
But you taught me how to all my fears swallow.
But you took a little long..
How could you be sure that I would always wait for your song ?
What took you so long ?

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